Weight loss & Diabetic’s Eating healthy foods

More than 26.8 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes One of the reason someone might develop diabetes is obesity. This is a big problem in the world today and losing weight can be hard to do when you’re a diabetic. Staying on a strict diet is the ideal way to maintain your blood sugar. Most Americans struggle with weight loss and a supplement like Detoxil fat burner might help to promote weight loss and speed up your metabolism. Trying to find foods that are acceptable while trying to stick to healthy eating habits can be a little challenging when just about every thing has some kind of sugars or carbs. Makes you feel like you can’t have anything good to eat. Here are some foods that might make foods choices easier Fatty fish” Can’t talk enough  about this high in omega 3 food it’s benefits are endless. It can help with weight loss. Grilled fish can be a healthy source of protein . Fresh or frozen vegetables are always a good way to get lots of vitamins but remember that they contain a lot of carbs so eat in moderation.but“Leafy greens”can bring a lot to a diabetics diet these low in digestible carbs are a way to get vitamins & minerals like vitamins C also contains lutein and zeaxanthin these both help to improve eye health for a diabetic that is important.” Squash” is one of the healthiest foods to eat and can be cooked in lots of Delicious dishes winter squash is higher in carbs than summer squash 1 cup of cooked pumpkin has 9 grams of carbs compared to 1 cup of zucchini that has only 3 grams of digestible carbs.watching your serving size might be a good ideal when eating this food. Now lets talk about nuts and seeds these foods can be added to recipes or eaten by themselves they have lots of good benefits to a diabetics diet.“Chia seeds” are tiny seeds that comes from the plant Silvia hispanica family to the mint group this seed can be beneficial in improving brain function and offer a significant amount of energy to your daily life. The word Chia is the ancient Mayan word for “strength” chia has recently become the modern day super food. This tiny little seed contains 11 grams of fiber they also have lots of zinc, vitamin B3,potassium,vitaminB1 and B2 this is very impressive considering 28 grams or 2 tablespoons only have 137 calories and 1 gram of carbs.the list goes on this little seed is full of good stuff.!! this amazing little seed can be found in granola, cereals and can be put in “Greek yogurtsand oatmeal s . Now we are going to cover some spices that can add some flavor to you diet “Cinnamon” can be a good substitute for sugars with only 19 calories for 1 tablespoon you can add this to coffee or tea or put in oatmeal. The benefits of drinking cinnamon water not only does it taste good but it boosts Immunity system, helps menstrual cramps may increase weight loss.” Turmeric” can be taken in a supplement form or used to spice up your food either way it can do wonders for your blood sugars One teaspoon of turmeric can be added to soups and rice dishes or add it to chicken curry.” Apple cider is also good for adding flavor to foods it has less than 1 gram of carbs can be used in salads, soups as marinades for lean cuts meats or fish . I hope this article has helped to bring some new ideals on how to start healthy eating habits the most important thing is to never replace any diet for medication always consult your doctor before stopping any medicine and always eat well-balanced meals when dieting. I will be adding healthy diabetic recipes on this site weekly.

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  1. Diabetes is a serious health issue today so your post is very important to educate people as prevention is key. I know that diabetes can lead to so many other issues. Just changing a few things in your lifestyle can make all the difference. I believe that people need to invest in their health because it is so easy to lose track with our busy lifestyle today.

    Thank you for a great post:)

  2. Melissa, 

    Thank you for all this great article about weight loss and diabetic’s eating health foods. My grandma had a long battle with diabetes. Every since I cold remember she was watching very closely what she ate. She was absolutely religious about making sure she ate correctly to keep it under control. I’m sure she would have appreciated this article like I have. She lived into her 90’s and I’m sure her healthy eating was why she was able to enjoy her later years. 

    1. Thank you so much I am a diabetic to i know how hard it is and want to help people I’m so happy you enjoyed my article and please come back soon and let me know of any thing that might help improve my  writing skills 

  3. The kind of food that we tend to take into the body has a long role to play. especially if you are diabetic. healthy food can not be substituted for anything else. it is the fundamental key to sustaining good health. even while working out, good food is your ally. thank you for this post

  4. Hello,

    Thank you for a great post.
    All of the foods mentioned I personally implement into my diet.

    Although I’m not diabetic, many of my family members are as well as my friends.

    As a nutrition coach in 2014, I’m very well aware of the different foods that diabetics should and should not eat.

    I think it’s great for you to share this valuable information.

    Thank you.

  5. Helo, I must say a big thanks to you for sharing this informational and educating article with the members of the public. It’s really going to be helpful. It’s really of a great interest that I am seeing this article. This is exactly what my dad needs, he’s a diabetic. Eating healthy nis really an important option nfor diabetics patient. So I am really going to recommend this to my dad. Thanks for sharing it was helpful. 

  6. Hi Melissa, yes overweight can cause diabetes and I had high cholesterol due to overweight and not eating correctly. Fortunately, after changing my eating habits and exercise, I am healthy once again.

    For Omega 3, do you recommend taking supplements?

    I still need to reduce weight and your article provides some useful advice. Thank you.

    1. hello thank you for reading my article yes I would recommend a supplement for helping to loose  unwanted weight i take one myself and it has helped along with eating healthy and staying active 

  7. I consider every article like this a great article because it concerns life and I know the value of life. So ma people really battle with increased blood sugar levels because almost every of our diets has carb content in them. I never knew that tumeric can help control sugar levels. I will love to recommend it to my Dad because he once had increase in blood sugar levels.

  8. Nobody wishes to stay fat but working to loss weight can be really difficult…Diabetes is a serious health issue today so your post is very important to educate people as prevention is key. I know that diabetes can lead to so many other issues. Just changing a few things in your lifestyle can make all the difference….
    People should be educated on how important it is to work towards losing weight and keeping to Doctors prescribed diet to help prolong and protect them from such illness…

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